Why choose Us.

Because we know what we’re doing and we don’t want to waste your time or money. Our business model is based on Referrals, so we are very meticulous on our work performance and productivity.

Our Mission.

Integrity. This word completely defines us as a whole.We highly regard the level of responsibility that you have entrusted to us and we value that. Ensuring that your business’s IT needs are fully met and operational at all times is what you can expect from us.

What we Do.

We exceed your expectations. Thats who we are. We strive for excellence on a constant basis. Our billing practices are 100% Kosher, and our team follows the same ethics and values that have been instilled to us from our founder and team leader.


Happy Clients


Phone Calls

Our Team

With a Team of highly skilled and trained Engineers, you’ll be happy to know we are more than qualified to handle any problem that comes our way.

Computers Issues

Having computer problems are the worst. In todays world where living in 2018 means constantly being connected to the internet and social media, its so crucial that your computer function ALL.THE.TIME. Am I right?!! Don’t worry, we got you 🙂

Internet / Wifi

Q: Internet connection not working? Slow internet? A: Either you forgot to pay your bill last month, or…give us a call so we can fix it.


Need a Company email? What to move all existing emails to another platform? Yup, we do that too.


Just like you maintain the car you drive, you must do the same to your computer. This means performing updates, protecting it from ugly viruses, keeping it well ventilated, and performing diagnostic check ups routinely.


Whoa!! This is your Money Vault, and if not properly maintained and updated, you wont have a vault to defer to in times of need. Its super-duper important that you back-up, ( yes, you must ) on a daily basis.

Urgent Support / Emergencies

At Tech Solutions, we understand the importance of timely and reliable IT support, which is why we offer emergency hour services for our maintenance clients. During these times, our highly-skilled technicians are available to quickly resolve any IT issues and minimize downtime.

Latest Work

Just like Starbucks, our client base consists of many industries: Logistics, Law Firms, Real Estate, Accountants, Architects, Health Care, & more.

Contact Us

You can reach us via phone, email, or message us from here.

LA: 323-459-6602 | Long Beach/OC: 562-433-1900 | Inland Empire 909-929-1905

11138 Del Amo Blvd Suite 101 Lakewood CA 90715